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August 30, 2005


Brian D.

When in doubt I always find a "For Dummies" book. It is how I learned about motorcycles and computers. Maybe Economics For Dummies is out there???


Waytago, Brian. I was going to suggest the same thing.


What are you going to do with an econ book? (Obvious answer: Read it) But why? Why o' why?

(As you can tell, I failed econ miserably....)


My law school is a little into economics. As in, a LOT into economics.


I'm reading Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, which is a great book -- it's very interesting and readable. There are no formulas or charts; he explains basic economic concepts in prose, with lots of examples. The only thing the Dummies book (which I also looked at) has over this is its length.


Oh, one more thing about Sowell's book -- each section has an "Overview" chapter at the end. Now that school has already started, you might just want to read those.


One of my profs recommended "The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times And Ideas Of The Great Economic Thinkers" by Heilbroner as the best book for economic theories in a historical context.


Thank you all very, very much. I'll get Sowell and Heilbroner's books immediately -- since I don't start for another three weeks or so, I should have time to read them.



I just graduated from Chicago Law in June. Don't kill yourself with your econ. primer. It really is unnecessary, and the last few weeks before law school are better spent relaxing and getting to know your surroundings. Good luck!


foundations of economics

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