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August 27, 2006



I had to skip our LR dinner-drinks thing, too; like you, I was completely wiped after eight hours of hearing about all the work ahead of me. Just thinking about it now makes my head hurt. Your today sounds a lot like mine, too. Let me know when it gets better, OK?


Boyfriend and I went to see LMS last weekend and loved it. I couldn't beleive that every review I've read was terrible. That just goes to show how wrong reviewers can be sometimes. We laughed SOOOOOOO hard! Granted, some of my laughter could have been finished-first-week-of-lawschool hysteria, but still.


Hubby, son #1 and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine yesterday. OMG it was hilarious. It's on my short list of movies I have to own. I didn't sleep either which is rare in movies (due to that gene TFL and I have in common). Maybe you can just remember a favorite scene in the middle of your interviews to keep you relaxed. :o)


Ha! If I remembered scenes from that movie during an interview I'd burst out laughing and they'd think I was seriously mentally ill. At the very least I'd be smirking, and I've been told that's unattractive.

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