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September 27, 2007



It wasn't meant to be this round. Go, work at a fabulous firm for a year or two and reapply for more prestigious ones. You know that some won't even look at you without a couple years under your belt.


Beanie has good advice. I would suggest retitling this blog: "Faith or failure". La Divina Providencia is so much more reliable than Fate, Luck or Chance. Even if cliff hanging is a regular feature.

Your brothers can't laugh at your lawyerly ambitions ANY MORE! Nice goin', Lady.


My experience was ditto, and Beanie is right, and that's what my plan is. It happens, and the "consolation prize" is not too shabby when you enjoy the work you do and the people you do it with.

Mel Woods

Sorry to hear it. I know it is disappointing. I may be right there with you.


Stupid dummies!

(This would be my extraordinarily adult, rational response.)


Being fully grown up and with mature judgments, I agree completely with Jill!


I was rooting for you - and hey, still am. Good luck next year, and hope you enjoy the firm lots.

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