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November 25, 2013



"Parents who allow their children to run wild, to utter shrill shrieks when there is no blood gushing, to interrupt adult conversations when there is no emergency and without politely attempting to gain attention first, and who otherwise abdicate any responsibility for instilling self-control and a sense of appropriate behavior, are not doing their children any favors."

YES. One of the hardest things about my friends (finally) having children is discovering that some of my friends are those parents, and I must admit our in-person friendships suffer a bit for it because not only do I not enjoy being around their children, but I don't particularly want my children around them either! (Though I did enjoy one day when a 4-year-old walked up to our neighbor/her dad, held out her drink and demanded, "Open it." When he did, Landon, sitting nearby, called out in an appalled voice, "Mom! She didn't even say please!").

There's a lot we can't control involving small children, but we can certainly make them aware of and hold them to a frequently reminded standard of basic polite behavior.

Nice reading you again :)


I have to agree. Parents do kids no favors allowing bad behavior.or protecting them from needed corrections in school etc.

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