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March 25, 2005



I'm convinced that when we return from South Carolina in eight days (all of which are forecast to be sunny & mid 70's) I will finally be able to play in the dirt at my house. I wish you a sleetless Easter! Remember there is ALWAYS festive drinks (mostly vodka in EVERY flavor known to man) at my house. I'll think of you fondly, drinking my vodka in my hot tub while I drink my vodka with my toes in the sand!


You guys suffer so much just getting through life. I'm off for a walk down the 500 escalones. Going down is no problem; it's the coming back up -even surrouned by water falls and rushing whitewater all about. We all have our favorite patterns for suffering and complaint.


I wonder what the traditions and rules are regarding the "liberation" of a few of the bananas off the stock hanging from the tree just over the fence. Probably best to wait until they are ripe and 'til the clock strikes Midnight. For me it is probably a case for theological reflection -call it "liberation" theology. No, not libation theology, but on second thought: that too might be worth exploration.

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