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December 11, 2006



The Problem must be lack of Genuine Librarians in your library. If there were Genuine Librarians there, there would be NO Nonsense, trust me.


Don't you get one of the 400 reserved tables for being on LR?

Us poor proles have to fight the undergrads for half as many spots as their were last year. Also speaking of undergrads... what the hell man? There were nights last week where I swear at least two thirds of the students in there were on the wrong side of the midway. They must've had papers or something.


Yeah, we get reserved tables... when other people aren't using them. And actually, although it seems as though we have 400 tables, we don't have enough to even seat 4 of us at a table.

I think the undergrads are coming over from the dorm. You know there's a tunnel, right? Maybe we should start barricading it. I saw way more organic chemistry than Con Law being studied.

Why anyone would choose to study in our god-forsaken library when they have reasonable alternatives, I really don't know. Did you know the main library has a cafe in it? We are so neglected.


How you suffer!

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