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November 18, 2007



Might be news on the coaching front in Ann Arbor at the 10:30 a.m. EST news conference. It is being held in a nicer facility, usually reserved for bigger news events.

I'm with you on the big three from Dad. I also picked up chess (though I play seldom). He used to psych me out by peeling and eating a whole grapefruit slowly (one segment at a time) while I was thrashing through the possibly less-catastrophic responses.

E. McPan

There's probably a much longer and more interesting list of things you *shouldn't* know about me!


How interesting to see myself through your eyes! I can't see you taking on the philosophical attitude that you attribute to me in regard to the outcome of certain sports contests: maybe in international cricket or table tennis matches, but in the major college football event of the year which took place in Ann Arbor last weekend. That is another matter. However I can't help but consider that even if my team lost, I do live in the State with the winning team, so I really can participate in a victory. I think. You see, I am more an optimist than a fatalist. There is a kind of grace in both winning and losing. So I can never really lose. Do you think that reasoning would stand up in a court of law? I am delighted that you learned wisdom about three of the most important human interests and activities: sports, fishing and cards. However we should schedule a few continuing education seminars over the near term. With this wisdom under your belt and in enshrined in your head you should have no difficulty with Admiralty and Constitutional Law. Make sure that you continue to pass on the traditions. This blog is a good attempt. Animo!


I'm thinking up a new strategy for my next chess game with Chris. Sunday we go to his house for a Family Hymn Sing. In his family they sing four part acappella. It was a great event when his eldest son's voice changed and they suddenly had a bass instead of another contralto. Friends who love to sing will be coming so it should be a wonderful time. Wish that you could add your voice to the occasion.


No better place than Yost is right! You should hear some of our chants. I've only been to one game, but man, our chant when they hit the penalty box is just obscene. All I really caught was a long string of obscenities, finished of by everyone yelling "COCKSUCKER!" as they all make the same silly gesture.

And there's a moose dance in the third period. Every game.

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