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August 11, 2008



Lauren made a batch of zucchini bread with pineapple in it, which has the effect of moistening and sweetening it. Scrumptious. We had some really big squashes!


You may not remember but when we left the CA city to return to our neighboring country to the South two things stood in the way; these were a vehicle and a house. We struggled with the problem and finally decided on a specific date when were were going to leave; we gave the date to our friends and the utility companies, and we packed up. The vehicle problem was resolved just two days before the departure; and the house sold. This recipe for such an approach rests on the intervention of a spiritual power beyond our human strategies, fingernail biting and struggles. You will remember that it all worked out. You learned Spanish almost at the same time that you learned English. When the day comes for you to leave for the Big City I'm sure that everything will be in place for you and all you family. May you hear during this week "news of joy and gladness".

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