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February 27, 2009



Right, and when the middle class pay more taxes, they may have to give up LUXURIES like health care and college, whereas the rich may have to give up necessities such as boats, or...another pair of designer shoes. Poor little rich people. PS. I hope you are in that category someday! And I'm glad you're willing to pay your fair share.


I enjoyed this post a lot and agree 100%. I'm so tired of hearing people who make $200,000 a year bitch about taxes and act like the poor are SO LUCKY they don't have to pay as much. I hate taxes too- I would love to keep every penny I make (my god, the shoes!), but I will take my high salary and my high taxes any day over making 20,000 and paying almost nothing.


So happy to see this. I've written about this a lot too. What I often wonder about is the tax bracket of those who complain about tax increases. For the most part, it seems the complaints come mostly from those earning income that I believe must be below (and maybe just below) the Obama $250 threshhold (see, e.g., Joe the Plumber). I wonder if this isn't because for this group of taxpayers, a change in the marginal tax rate does in fact mean the difference between being "rich" (i.e., private school, nicer cars, shoes, etc...) and merely middle class. And even while Obama doesn't propose to raise their taxes (for now), that perception clouds their evaluation of his tax program. For most, once you've surpassed that 1% threshhold (especially if you don't live within one of the costly coastal metropolitan areas), you pretty much have more than enough discretionary income to have almost all of the trappings of wealth (and then some).

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